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The Home of Copano Blues Shrimp 

Innovation is part of our culture.  Our creative, industry leading solutions to indoor recirculating aquaculture systems for shrimp and fish are groundbreaking technology that is years ahead of its time.

Our sister company, Sea Products Development, is at the forefront of natural genetic selection innovations to create the healthiest and most productive white shrimp brood stock and post larvae.

Our Products

We specialize in innovative and sustainable seafood products.
Copano Blues Shrimp 

Maybe the best shrimp on the planet. Raised in state of the art recirculating aqauculture systems with minimal environemental impact. Raised in a biosecure facility, the sweet, clean flavor and firm crisp texture is in high demand from coast to coast.

Enjoy the taste of shrimp again.
Confremar Group Spanish Seafood

Big Blu brand tuna, swordfish, and octopus. Top quality frozen at sea fish from responsbily harvested and managed fisheries. Frozen at sea to 45 degres below zero within hours of harvest. The flavor and moisture are outstanding. Big Blu Tuna, Big Blu Swordfish, & Big Blu Octopus.
Cooked and Raw American Shrimp 

We offer top quality wild and farm raised American shrimp. Choose from gulf browns, gulf whites, Key West pinks, Carolina whites, and the finest traditional farm raised white shrimp from Texas, Mexico, and Honduras.  

Our cooked shrimp are also chem free with no water added.

Shrimp for customers that care about quality and taste.
Dickies Seafood Brand Value Added Seafood  

From fresh made recipe meals, to oven crisp breasded seafood, to deviled crabs. Dickies has been producing the finest ready to cook and ready to eat seafood for over 30 years.

Quality and convenience for customers that care.

September 15, 2016

SSPI Announces Partnership with Veterans Best Foods

SSPI and Veterans Best Foods announces a sales and marketing partnership. SSPI will be the…
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Food for thought
September 27, 2016

World’s First RAS Sablefish Taste Tested

Our sister company, Perciforms, is the first in the world to grow Sablefish. aka Black…
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