SSPI Announces Partnership with Veterans Best Foods

By September 15, 2016 No Comments

SSPI and Veterans Best Foods announces a sales and marketing partnership. SSPI will be the sales and marketing arm for Veterans Best Foods, of Richmond Virginia.

“The partnership makes so much sense for us.” mentioned Matt Salisbury, President¬†of Veterans Best Foods. “SSPI brings experience in product development and a wealth of strong business¬†relationships in retail and food service outlets. We are excited to grow together.”

SSPI President Stephen White said “The partnership with Veterans Best just makes sense. The vision, mission and values of both companies are closely aligned. Both companies are dedicated to sourcing, creating, and selling the best quality seafood that is responsibly¬†produced.”

Veterans Best operates a 25,000 sq ft HACCP operated and BRC certified facility in downtown Richmond Virginia. The urban location adds value to the neighborhood and provides valuable employment for hard working local people.

Veterans Best Foods is owned by U.S. veterans dedicated to providing outstanding quality products and personal service.