SSPI Wows Attendees at Euro USA Food Show

By September 12, 2016 No Comments

The SSPI booth at the Euro USA Food Show was the talk of the floor at Cleveland’s IX center on September 12, 2016. ¬†The show boasts about 200 vendors and over 1,000 attendees.

Attendees were blown away by the texture and flavor of Copano Blues shrimp. “Chef Angus from One Step Catering said “These are the best tasting shrimp I have ever eaten.” ¬†Francesco Lupo from Cibo-Italia Artisan Foods agreed. “Where can I buy these back in New Jersey?” He asked. “I can’t get shrimp like these back home..”

Copano Blues shrimp are available at Kings and Balduccis in the New York Metro area, and through Euro USA in Cleveland and Chicago.