Good, Clean, Smart

Quality products from our own farms and our hand selected partners.

We raise our own shrimp and fish in state of the art indoor recirculating aqauculture systems. The only thing better than the story behind our world class products, is the clean and natural flavor of our seafood products.

Our product partners are developed through long term relationships with companies with high integrity leadership and top quality products. It is all about quality products.

Copano Blues Shrimp

Prized for premium quality and flavor, Copano Blues shrimp are coveted by chef’s and home cooks from coast to coast.

Raised with NO ANTIBIOTICS AND NO GROWTH HORMONES. Copano Blues shrimp are never processed with chemicals, or water added.

American grown, sustainable, and traceable. Copano Blues shrimp are available in many forms and sizes.

American Cooked Shrimp

All natural, American shrimp, cooked to perfection, in the United States. Our cooked shrimp are hand peeled and deveined. Each shrimp species and size is cooked at a specific temperature, for the exact right amount of time, every time.

  • No chemicals are used during the cooking process, No water added
  • Clean, crisp, fresh cooked flavor
  • American shrimp, American jobs
  • Produced by a disabled American Veterans owned business.

Wild Gulf White Shrimp

Litopenaeus setiferus.

Wild Gulf white shrimp caught by near shore day boats. Our specifications for defects and sensory evaluation quality are equivilent to USDC Grade A standards.

Available chem free or conventional. Product of Texas.

Dickies Deviled Crab

Heavenly flavor in a natural crab shell

Made with 70% real crabmeat. Dickies famous deviled crabs are a Virginia favorite. Chesapeake Bay is famous for crabs, becuase of deviled crabs like these.

Oven Crisp Seafood

Easy to prepare at home or commercial kitchen.

Our proprietary oven crisp formula produces consistently high quality. Ready to bake and serve. Crispy on the outside, moist on the inside.

FISH – Oven crisp flounder, cod,  haddock, and catfish

SHELLFISH – Oven crisp shrimp, scallops

Peppered Tuna

Chef recipe, customer accepted.

Premium grade yellowfin tuna perfectly seasoned, ready to cook, and ready to sell.

Dickies Seafood Pasta

Made with fresh dry scallops, and chem free shrimp we peel and cook fresh.

Dickis seafood pasta is hand made fresh daily with fresh ingredients. Heat and eat deliciousness.

Big Blu Yellowfin Tuna

Moist, with a firm texture and clean flavor.

Yellowfin tuna, caught and frozen at sea, at the peak of freshness at 45 degrees below zero. Available in IVP loins and steaks, Big Blu yellowfin tuna is harvested from a certfied Friends of the Sea fishery.

Big Blu yellowfin tuna is product of Spain.

Sea Products Development Brood Stock and Post Larvae

Our sister company, Sea Products Development, produces pacific white shrimp broodsrock and post larvae for leading shrimp farms around the world. Harvest rates 3X industry standards, specific pathogen free shrimp, no discharge system, and industry leading global logistics.

Seafood Analytics Certified Quality Reader

This is a game changer in seafood quality assurance. The Seafood Analytics Certified Quality Reader can accurately determine how many days since a fish was harvested. How long does it take? How about instantly. No waiting for results. Test dozens of samples in minutes. Repeatable, accurate, and cost effective. Borrowing from the medical field, this technology has been used for years to determine muscle and fat content in humans. The technology has been adapted to determine an FDA sensory score for dozens of species of fish.