World Fisheries Day

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Today, Monday November 21st, is world Fisheries Day. Let us take a moment to appreciate our fisherman and the fishery communities for all they do to provide healthy aquatic protein for us and our families.

Take time to think about the many people involved in fisheries. Yes, it starts with the fisherman, but so many others are critical to responsibly harvesting our natural marine resources. Fishermen are just the tip of the iceberg. Fisheries managers and scientists track the harvests, biomass, and environmental impacts to make sure harvests will be available for generations to come. The Coast Guard protects our fishermen. Boat manufacturers build the boats. Many build everything that goes on the boats including engines, electronics, windows, gear, nets, bunks, and decking. What about the essentials that fisherman require for every trip, from bait to ice, to food and water, to fuel?

Then think about the other end of the trip. Fishermen offload the boat thanks to lumpers and dock workers. Seafood processors hire people to cut, fillet, skin, ice, and pack the bounty. Truckers and logistics experts rush seafood to distributors, restaurants, and supermarkets. It is kind of amazing to think of how many people are involved in managing, harvesting, and distributing our fisheries resources. We thank our fishermen for risking their lives to provide food for our tables. We thank the many others that supply fish and seafood for our families. Thank you. World Fisheries Day is your day.


At Sustainable Sea Products International, we have a triple bottom line philosophy. Everything we do must financially support our shareholders, but equally important, what we do must be good for the environment and the people we deal with. We believe in fair and modest profits for everyone in the supply chain, from farmers and fishermen, to distributors and processors. And we believe in fair value for quality products for end users.

We believe that responsible aquaculture is an important way to preserve our natural wild fisheries. By providing responsibly raised seafood in land based recirculating farms, we provide high quality seafood with low environmental impact. We help take pressure off of wild fisheries by helping supply the demand for healthy seafood. Thank you for working with us.

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